Our World in the Year 2000
The World's Largest Painting Competition

Reception and Private Viewing at the United Nations
New York City - July 20, 2000

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to have been asked to create a web site based on the 144 page catalogue for the world's largest painting competition; Our World in the Year 2000. The competition was sponsored in part by my client Winsor & Newton, one of the biggest artist materials supplier in the world and also by the United Nations in aid of The Prince's Foundation and UNICEF. 51 nations participated, 253 artists' paintings were national finalists. Please check the Our World in the Year 2000 web site.

On July 20th, 2000, the exhibition was brought to the United Nations and I was one of the lucky ones invited to attend. After working on the web site for a couple of months I was especially excited to see the actual paintings on display. I was not disappointed. The depth and radiance of the paintings was overwhelming and the artists that were on hand to talk about their paintings provided much insight into their works. The atmosphere of the exhibition was invigorating and inspiring. It was an experience I am sure not to forget.

Below is a thumbnail index of the photos I took of this very exclusive and rare event.

Very special thanks to Bill Stefanowicz and all at Winsor & Newton who's guidance helped to make the Our World in the Year 2000 web site turn out so well.

All Photographs © 2000 Stephen Prokai
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