Dream Theater
at the B.B. King Blues Club, NYC
January 19, 2002

Jan 20, '02: In early December Dream Theater announced that they would do a "one-off" pre-tour warm up show at B.B. King Blues Club in Manhattan. I was drooling at this chance to see the band playing their new tunes from Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence before it's official release on January 26th, 2002. Not to mention that the club is tiny, 1000 people standing. A couple of days later the tickets went on sale and I hurried to TicketMaster.com, but there were no tickets to be had; at least I couldn't get any. That's when my friend Rob Ebersole (who went with me to the G3 show too) calls and says he may be able to get us free passes! Of course I said "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

A few weeks went past and I was not sure what was going on and I went to Japan for New Year. When I got back on January 8th and checked my phone messages there was one from Rob saying he got us on the Guest List! Woo f*cking Hoo!

So it came to be that last night, during a snow storm, six of us walked to the front of the huge line of freezing, snowy folks who had so admirably waited for hours in the driving snow, and walked right on in! I think we all felt a bit guilty at least. But we were in and it was free. Yeah!

Dream Theater proceeded to put on a really great 2 hour 45 minute show. They played a couple of new tunes (at least they were new to me) and lots of great material from Images & Words and Awake, Falling Into Infinity and Scenes From A Memory. They also did some great Rush music from 2112 and Working Man. They actually completely screwed up the 2112 segue into Strange Deja Vu and stopped to try it again. Portnoy remarked to Petrucci "Whaddaya mean WE fucked one thing up?!" I will post a set list as soon as I get my hands on one. Another noteworthy thing about the show was the excellent sound quality. Jordan could have been louder, but... It is so cool when Petrucci stands right in front of you, looks you right in the eyes and plays for you. When true musical genius is being demonstrated right in front of your face it is a staggering event. Holy shit those guys are great.

Anyway, I took some pictures. And a huge thank you to Rob Ebersole for being The Man with the free tix!

Set List:
The Glass Prison
Cover My Eyes
Strange Deja Vu
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
Blind Faith
Lines In The Sand
The Spirit Carries On
Pull Me Under
Hollow Years
Take the Time

Photographs ©2002, Stephen Prokai.


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