Tim and Allison's Wedding

On October 1, Tomoko and I headed on up to Ithaca, NY for the weekend. We had the pleasure of being invited to witness the marriage of my good friend Tim Andersen to his wonderful bride Allison. Ithaca is a beautiful place and Lake Cayuga provided a fantastic backdrop for the ceremony. All the festivities were fun and Tomoko and I had a blast the whole weekend. I hope you enjoy these snap shots. Congratulations Tim and Allison.

Photographs by Stephen Prokai, Tomoko Prokai and Perrin Scott
Ithaca, NY

01before1 02before2 03before3 04stevetimtomoko 05thewalk
06ceremony 07weddingd2 08thekiss allysontim allysontim2
perrin1 perrinsteve perrintomoko timsteve tomokosteve

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