Steve Vai At Toad's Place
Steve Vai
- Guitars, Vocals
Mike Keneally
- Keyboards, Guitars
Dave Weiner
- Guitars
Phil Bynoe
- Basses, Keyboards
Mike Mangini
- Drums

I would like to sincerely thank Steve, the band and everyone else who worked so hard to put on a great performance.

Check out Steve Vai's web site for tour dates and everything Vai.

Photographs by: Stephen Prokai
Date: Sunday, November 21, 1999
Location: Toad's Place, New Haven CT








Once again, Steve put on a fantastic show. It never ceases to amaze me how damned good he is. This was my sixth time to see Steve Vai in concert and the best one yet. The show was packed with great songs, great musicians and lots of silliness and surprizes.

We heard a bunch of new songs from The Ultra Zone as well as selections from almost all of Steve's solo CDs. They played a great rendition of a classic R-n-R song, (which I won't mention so as not spoil the surprize for anyone who hasn't seen the show yet). I swear that Steve and Mike even played a few bars of a Zappa tune during one of the solo sections. The concert ran a full two hours and it was raw power and energy the entire show. Steve was very entertaining and was telling jokes and stories and "working" with the crowd between songs. All in all, a great night out. Thanks Steve.



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